Saturday, September 15, 2007


Due to misplaced cords, misplaced cameras and getting out of the habit, I didn't do a good job of meeting my once a day posting. I did however think about it most days this week :) and I did get to comment a bit more on other blogs, which was nice.

Tuesday: Charles, he is my youngest student this year and my only official Tuesday Student. He is almost 13.

Wednesday: I really liked this shot of Earl and Emily.
Thursday: Emily again because it was her 13th b-day. I have known her since she was about 2, I have been her teacher in one way or another since she was about 6. She has been coming to the Center fulltime for 4 years now. I can't stress what a blessing and wonderful gift she is! When she was 4 she was diagnosed with A-T and her parents were told she would not make it to her 10th b-day! Here she is turning 13!!!

Friday: The 'jaded' 16-17 year old boys have discover the joy of building again!

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Mike said...

LOVE the building shot.