Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday's Picture:

This is Luna, of course, I was trying to get pictures of the four new chickens (older, probably only one year left to lay), but they would not cooperate. However, everytime I turned around Luna was looking at me, asking for attention and her molasses cookies.

Thursday's Picture:

I LOVE Thursdays! It is a bit hard to see, but in this picture Brandon is spliting molecules into atoms, as well as making new molecules... at the same time Emily is next to him making an apple pie out of the apples we just used for an improper fractions lesson. I will post more about the experiment and the pie on Musings later tonight.


LauraLiz said...

I love this picture of Luna! She is telling you so much with those eyes of hers!

Sandy said...

Love Luna's picture - sometimes you have to go with the one who wants their picture taken. :)

Ampersand said...

I can't wait to meet Luna. :)