Sunday, February 27, 2011

me also taken by Jason

2-27 me, originally uploaded by sandiemg.
This wasn't taken today, but it was taken in the last couple of days in our new studio space, and it was taken by our friend Jason again.

Health update.... 'lost' 5 lbs of the water weight from last week, but that still puts me at a -2lbs for the year to date. Walking more, exercising more and four days ago started a major detox, so let's see what the new week brings.

I feel great, I am getting better sleep, and I love life!


2-26 ceiling, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

I saw this reflection on the ceiling and it was the only thing I had time to shoot all day.

Kim by Jason

2-25 kim by Jason, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Our friend Jason was playing with my camera and took this cute picture of Kim on Trolly Hop Night!

The hair cut!

2-24 before, originally uploaded by sandiemg.
2-24 after

pretty day

2-23 pretty day, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

last pretty day before BIG rain!

butt shaper day

2-22 butt shaper day, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

bought new walk/workout shoes today, let's see if the butt shapers work :)

Kim got a pair too....

stone building

2-21 stone building, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

morning walk with Gus

Sunday, February 20, 2011


me, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

That time of week again. This week brought new cut and color. The color is quite a bit blonder than I expected, but I am told it will fade or tone down in a few days :)

Health-wise, I felt great this week. I walked Gus for 1.5-2 hours everyday (3-4 30 minute walks) because of his new flexi-leash. I ate well, fast food only once. However, the scale said I gain 7 pounds this week. I am more bemused than anything wondering how in the world I could have gained (or retained) that much weight (or water) in just 7 days (actually 3 days because I weighed myself mid-week). So, my weight is exactly the same as it was January 1.

All in all a great week, wonder clients, wonderful friends, beautiful weather!


2-19 tulips, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Last shot of them, because they are gone now :(


2-18 tulip, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Yep, still fascinated!


2-17 tulip, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Still fascinating :)


2-16 clouds, originally uploaded by sandiemg.
Only day I got outside with the camera. And I played with Kim's camera too.
2-16 leaf w-macro


2-15 tulips, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Ok, these guys fascinated me all week :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

My Valentine surprised me with beautiful purple tulips today!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

me 5

me 5, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Ok, this is the Sunday self-portrait. I think everyone in the world can take 'the shot in the mirror' and get it in focus, except for me!!!!! This shot has a watercolor filter to mask a little bit of how totally out of focus it is, it was the best of a couple dozen tries!

Health was much better this week. I felt like I got stronger everyday. I walked Gus a lot and played with him, but still no gym. Hopefully tomorrow I will go back to the pool. Food wise, was terrible, lol. Lots of hormonal eating and less than 3 hours sleep a night, however, the scale showed a 1.5 lb loss so that makes 7 total for the year.

I saw all my clients this week, said goodbye to my orange furry baby, got the taxes done, signed a lease on an art studio space, and took shots most days. I have always said I want life to be an adventure, this week has sure felt like one :)

cloud 2 (replacement)

cloud 2 (replacement), originally uploaded by sandiemg.

I didn't take a picture on Saturday, so I am using one I took a couple days ago that I loved.

Friday, February 11, 2011

fence at night

night time fence, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Well another Friday came without me taking a picture, so I aimed the camera out the back door and got this :) I actually like the colors.

Chocolate wine & Strawberries

Chocolate wine & Strawberries, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

These tiny coke glasses are our 'wine glasses.' They make me smile every time we use them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


goodbye, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

We had to say goodbye to our amazing orange kitten, Riley, last night. He had a very serious medical condition that would have required lots of surgeries with no guarantee of his survival or quality of life.

He was one of the best cats I have ever known. He will be missed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


kim, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

last sick day

last sick day, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

I have been coughing less, needing less Advil, and little less achy... so I am hoping this is the last day of being sick and that everyday from now on is a getting better day!

Food wise it wasn't a terrible week, lots of popsicles and fruit. No exercise to speak of at all! I don't think I walked for more than 10 at the most at any one time and that was just 'because Gus needed it'.

Scales was down the 1.5 lbs from last week, so I am back up to 5 lbs loss for the year. Really can't wait to get back outside and to the gym again!

mudpuddle reflection

mudpuddle reflection, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Saturday's shot

No matter how crappy I feel, Gus still needs to be walked. So, I took the camera with me. Trying to get some sunshine, get him some exercise, and get a shot that had some artistic element.

Friday, February 4, 2011


reading , originally uploaded by sandiemg.
It really is a good thing I decided that this blog was a photographic journal of sorts for me, because if I were trying to create art everyday I would be so frustrated I would have quit already.

Here it is the end of another day with no shot. It was my first 'full day' back to work. Worked with five people today, I am totally worn out!

So, this photo is of the last thing I did this evening, it is the angel card reading my sister asked me for :) As tired as I was, there is something about going into a still meditative prayerful state and asking for guidance that makes me feel better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


rewards, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Thursday's picture
I am in the process of decorating my 'rewards' envelope. I am paying myself to do the things that move me closer to my goals! The money will go towards getting me a Macro Lens and upgrading my camera. I am extremely excited about actually getting this started. The idea has been on the back burning for a few months now.

another sick day

another sick day, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Wednesday's picture
I am not used to being sick and I hate it! I am so ready to feel better.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

milk weed

milk weed, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

I was glad Kim asked me to go out and shoot in the rain, yesterday. I wasn't feeling great and only took about 5-6 shots, but it was good to make myself pick up the camera.

gus and me (sub)

gus and me (sub), originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Not a 'today' picture, but it is exactly what I did all day Monday. Gus and I cuddled up and watch trashy tv shows on Hulu.