Saturday, August 25, 2007


It was really cool to spend the morning with Kayleigh and MaryRose watching her try on dresses.

These last two shots are of the dress she liked the best today. I like the simplicity and the texture. I wish I had taken a picture when she put on the veil (that she thought she didn't want). It was a good thing she was trying them on because everything she thought she wanted looked terrible, and everything she thought would look bad looked really nice on her.


Kayleigh and George at Otter Creek, this is where they will stand one year from now to say their vows.

saving a spot

I will be putting a few more 'home improvement' shots here tomorrow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

15 day catch up!

Or when one small (well large) leak leads to a major overhaul of the whole house! I will be putting more before and after shots on the leftovers page. (they're over there now)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday at VBS

This is Asia another one of my students who volunteered her time to work for VBS this week. I was so proud of her and of the people I call my Christian Community!!! Asia's faith is hard to explain, her denomination is The True Children of Yahweh. It is a very Jewish group who believes in the Divinity of the Messiah. She is used to mainstream Christians trying to convert her or being 'offended' by her faith.

She was in tears by Friday because the men and women of this dioceses spent the week asking her about her faith in a positive supportive way. Telling her how 'cool her faith was' how closely it matched Jesus' own faith. They told her what a great job she had done all week with the children, especially the very dificult to handle ones that everyone else avoided. The kids all told her they wanted her to come back next year. A few of the adults asked if they could attend a service with her and her family. The retired bishop spent a long time asking her about herself and her faith and her trips to the Holy Land the same way he would talk to any adult. The whole week just blew her mind.

This is just another reason I love being an Episcopalian in this dioceses!!!!

Thursday at VBS

This time only Luna went back to VBS. The other goats all refused to walk when I put the leashes on them. Luna loves the attention and all the extra food. This is also the day one of my roosters got a new home! I traded him for two hens. The other rooster is now acting like a rooster, he crowed for the first time this morning (Saturday). Chalk it up to another thing this city girl learned about chickens!!!

Wednesday at VBS

Sue, one of my students, volunteered to work all week. Here she is helping with the drama station.
A wider view of the drama station and the kids acting out the stories.

Tuesday at VBS

I love it when all ages can work side by side on the same project! Here they are all making clay beads (that had to be fired), then stringing them into necklaces and bracelets.