Sunday, February 6, 2011

mudpuddle reflection

mudpuddle reflection, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

Saturday's shot

No matter how crappy I feel, Gus still needs to be walked. So, I took the camera with me. Trying to get some sunshine, get him some exercise, and get a shot that had some artistic element.


Tracy P. said...

Lovely floating leaves, and the reflection of sky and clouds. Hope it was the therapy you needed.

LauraLiz said...

Well, no mystery who's going to say "I love reflection shots!!" I took a couple (or three or four) myself today. :-) Hope you are feeling 100% better soon.

Sandy said...

Well, I think you succeeded at all your goals. This is beautiful! I love the light on the leaf right where the brighter clouds is. Very nice.

Nicole Rae Studio said...

What a beautiful photo. The colors are gorgeous.