Sunday, February 20, 2011


me, originally uploaded by sandiemg.

That time of week again. This week brought new cut and color. The color is quite a bit blonder than I expected, but I am told it will fade or tone down in a few days :)

Health-wise, I felt great this week. I walked Gus for 1.5-2 hours everyday (3-4 30 minute walks) because of his new flexi-leash. I ate well, fast food only once. However, the scale said I gain 7 pounds this week. I am more bemused than anything wondering how in the world I could have gained (or retained) that much weight (or water) in just 7 days (actually 3 days because I weighed myself mid-week). So, my weight is exactly the same as it was January 1.

All in all a great week, wonder clients, wonderful friends, beautiful weather!


Nutrition Tailor said...

Yup--that fluid retention is CRAZY! (especially as we get older...sigh....) Don't let it get to you. Sometimes the scale just has PMS! Love the hair color!

Sandy said...

Really pretty light through your hair.