Monday, January 17, 2011

self portrait (#2)

self portrait (#2), originally uploaded by sandiemg.
This is the kind of week that used to make me give up on my heath all together.

I ate very well, Calorie Counter told me I burned over 1200-2000 more calories than I consumed each and every day, I exercised in and out of the gym, I was happily busy with work and not overly focused on 'losing weight' --just being healthy...yet with all that the scale didn't budge.

Now, instead of being devastated, angry, frustrated with my body, believing 'life's not fair' and that I will NEVER be good enough to lose the weight.... I realize I am perfect the way I am. I am healthier, breathing better, clothes fit better, have more energy and living an amazing life right this moment. I don't need to lose another pound to 'start' living. It has taken 3 full years of hard work to get to this point!


julieunplugged said...

And you look gorgeous!

Jeff Reeder said...

"like" the image, really "like" the image and words together.

Nutrition Tailor said...

Ah, Sandie, as a dietitian, I am thrilled that you know it is not about a number on a scale AND that your body is not your enemy at all, but a gift, no matter what shape or size! Besides, there are many reasons why that number might not have shifted. You may have made wonderful strides in your health that can't be measured by a scale! (On the other hand with a 1200 calorie deficit every DAY, are you eating enough? It's actually very hard to create that much deficit day after day.)

LauraLiz said...

All that muscle you are creating weighs a lot. We had people in the military on the "fat boy program" when their only problem was they were in excelling shape...but the number on the scale by itself did not show it. You look great!!

Susan said...


Sandy said...

"I realize I am perfect the way I am." Truth.

Beautiful sp, Sandie. Your inner peace and acceptance shows through.