Sunday, January 30, 2011

me 4

me 4 , originally uploaded by sandiemg.

This reflection shot captures how foggy I have felt all week. Between being sick, not sleeping, trying to see clients, and keep up the apt (a losing battle at the moment), I had a 'bad' week. Food wise I kept making terrible choices because I kept thinking if I ate I would 'feel better' truth was I needed to just sleep or go for a walk.

After eating fast food three times, attending two parties with great food and alcohol, and eating snacks all week because the last thing I wanted to do was cook in a dirty kitchen... I was expecting a huge gain on the scale. Mostly water because of all the salt I ate. I had myself pretty stressed out all week over weighing in today and having to write about it. So, I was actually relieved to see just a 1.5 lb weight gain.

I really like the fact that I can say I have lost 3.5lbs this month and that even if that is all I lose each month I will be 40plus pounds lighter than I am right now. Those little pounds will add up fast :)

I can't wait to feel good enough to go to the gym again. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow! I truly miss working out!


Dancingirl said...

I've wondered where you were! Sorry you've felt bad. I've experienced the foggy feeling myself lately some. I like your attitude about the weight loss, too! You're right. Are you feeling better now?

AmpersandPrime said...

this shot is sooooo evocative of the kind of week it has been. where did you take it?

I really love your self=portrait series.

Sandy said...

Hope you feel better soon, Sandie. I can identify with the foggy feeling too. Great shot to capture how you're feeling - present (having to keep up with all your responsibilities) but yet not fully yourself (in energy, feelings, motivation etc.).