Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 18

This might belong on Ponderings, but I am putting it here.
I am fudging a little, I took this one on the 19th, but it represents the 18th :) I remet my aunt and uncle whom I have not seen in just about 30 years at the funeral home visitation of my uncle who just passed away on Sunday night. When I was a young girl, I was very close to the uncle who passed away. But my marriage, my parent's divorce, and my uncle's divorce as well as both of us moving between a couple different states, made keeping in touch just about impossible. So, I hadn't seen the uncle who passed away in over 10 years.... it feel like a double grief, one of the loss of my uncle, and one of the loss of what the kids could have learned from him combined with the chunks of his life I missed. Just from what I am being told, my uncle had a very, very hard last five years. I am sorry I wasn't there just to share a tiny piece of that burden.

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