Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday and Friday

Pretty good group shot of my 'crew'. Five are missing for various reasons. The four on the top row and the young lady in the middle have all been my students for over 5 years now.
Nathan attempting to tame Squiggy(I had misspelled the poor rooster's name). I like this picture of them both being calm since usually they are chasing each other round the yard.


SusansPlace said...

I like the very natural look of the first one and the second one makes me laugh!
You have such an interesting homestead!


Ampersand said...

Nathan and Swiggy make me laugh.

Sandie said...

When I read your comment I realized I had made another silly spelling mistake..the rooster's name is Squiggy....But Swiggy is pretty funny .

Ampersand said...

Ha ha. That only makes it more funny!

But Squiggy IS a better name. :)